March 17, 2006

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I was talking with Jamie West (CHML) yesterday about why baby boomers don't have sex anymore. Stories are still frothing in today's papers. Now, for the record, I barely consider myself a boomer. I am, I believe, the last last last baby born in the boom census. 1964. I'm practically a Gen Xer. Okay, maybe not. I like talking to Jamie because he talks like a typical man, and I talk like an enlightened woman. It's like a reality show.

Everyone is too tired. I think we're too stressed about money too. And yeah, sorry guys, but chances are good that if you give us a backrub, we're going to be deliriously happy about it, and then promptly fall asleep. One of the sexiest things I think a couple can do is hold hands. Really. It's a kindness combined with an intimacy, it's selective without being all territorial.

We're surrounded by sexual images selling everything from gum to shoes. You get numb to the sexual, and thirsty for the sensual. If the world out there has effectively reduced me to the sum of my parts (and found them sadly lacking), it is important the world in here restores my faith that wit and wisdom can obliterate droopy boobs and a bad hair day.

Shore up the person you love; hold their hand.


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