March 14, 2006

'Raine's World....

There's a new ad on television. It says if you quit smoking, you can win a car. So I started smoking.

Ah, welcome to my world. Here's the goal, the deal. I plan on keeping this blog up daily for anyone who's interested. Columns will be posted twice weekly, and I'll rotate twelve pieces through the archives sections on a monthly basis.

Like a cheesy piano player in a dimly lit lounge, I'm taking requests. Life is a little crazier of late - in a good way. And with the clapping comes the critics (some guy was adamant about his absolute right to take up two parking spots - get an issue buddy) but for the most part, the song remains the same. I write something I feel strongly about, and if a single soul agrees with me, or at least doesn't heatedly disagree, I am a happy woman. Sometimes I don't even care if anyone agrees.

Bring on your comments, your questions. I'm notoriously honest. My skin is getting thicker by the day - working in the media has been a baptism by fire. I won't be nannying or editing any comments unless they're something I wouldn't let my kids read - or yours. I'm not a big proponent of censorship for grownups, but the Internet is crass enough without this site adding to it.

The contact page will let you contact me directly if you prefer - I respond to pretty much any email, unless it's so cranky or weird that I don't know where to start. And if I think you're weird, you may have a problem.

And with that, we're off....


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