March 16, 2006

Spanky and Alfalfa

Remember the He-man Woman Haters Club? Little Rascals with a pack of boys and Darla? Darla had the right idea. Nice odds.

I wrote a column about International Women's Day, and a couple of readers decided I hate men. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen. Somehow, you aren't allowed to speak openly about any women's issues without someone always interpreting it to mean you are dumping a world of woe at men's feet. Or my favourite, whining. I'm a lot of things, but whiner isn't one of them. Get a grip. It's not always about you.

Most issues are people issues. But there are still some that are absolutely about women, and I would like to think that the men in my life, including the two I'm raising, are open and aware of that fact. And they are - I'm lucky.

I have a nephew who is about the cutest little spud ever. One day he was here, and my sister and I were conveniently ignoring him as he played. He wanted help putting some toy together. Finally, in this little exasperated voice, he yelled down the stairs: "IF WE ALL WORK TOGEVVER, WE CAN BUILD THIS BRIDGE!".

These are the kind of men -and women- I want in my world.


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