March 27, 2006

Why I Work Alone

What's more fun than a migraine?

Having a dentist's appointment the day you have a migraine. Argh.

There's an interesting article in today's Toronto Star regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Still a pervasive issue in many workplaces, it's particularly concerning if you work in male-dominated industries, where there can be a poisonous 'good old boys' network at play. If you work in a smaller shop, there is often nowhere to go but out the door. And of course, the crap continues for the next woman. We can do better than this.

I don't know of any woman who hasn't experienced this - myself included - and there is usually nothing subtle about it. I have always been at a loss to understand men who will exhibit behaviour they would not tolerate having their wives or sisters endure for a second.

As the author of the article points out, the costs are both human and bottom line. If you can't be persuaded that respect is the only way to go, perhaps you can be made to understand that exhibiting or tolerating a sexually-charged workplace will cost you good employees and cold hard cash.

If you're being accosted, stick up for your rights. If you're the pig, stop having so little respect for another human.

And now back to my regularly scheduled migraine...


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