April 24, 2006

Day Careless

Think long and hard about Harper's proposed day care 'plan'. Jeffery Simpson in the Globe and Mail does a brilliant job here (click on the 'tear'reference)in pointing out the evils of governments playing a shell game. Do they think we're stupid? Of course they do. We have been so far...

When life in this country becomes a series of individual sports, rather than a group effort, we all lose. Truly. Even if you end up with all the marbles, you'll have nobody to play with if the cost of winning comes at the annhiliation of those around you. There is something quite vile about governments - of any stripe - that exploit the fact it is far easier to pit us against each other than lead us to a collective betterment.

All children need to feel valued, and by all of us. It is far cheaper, easier and rewarding to direct and teach an eager child than rehab a broken adult. Tell this government to get its head out of its butt and do the right thing.


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