April 3, 2006

Good Monday

I like Mondays. Waking up on a Monday means I survived another weekend. Especially a weekend when spring has apparently arrived, in all it's mushy majesty.

The boys and the cats are equally crazy at this time of year, and probably for the same reasons. I mean, the boys don't get big puffy tails, but they do chase each other mindlessly and tackle each other down the stairs.

When the kids were younger, I'd throw them outside, and sit on the step and keep an eye on them. As they got older, I'd leave the door open so I could see them. Then, just a window so I could hear them. Now when they go out, I lock the door, unplug the phone and hide in the basement.

Saturday night, I told them to tone it down. I was beat. The new game involved Jackson, 11, hiding in the dirty laundry (he's that little, the laundry isn't that vast) and jumping out and scaring Marc, 14. Then the little beggar runs into his room before he can get drilled.

As the laughter and noise hit a fever pitch, I finally went into Jackson's room to put an end to it. My timing was perfect. There was Jackson mooning his brother.

With a happy face drawn on his butt in green marker.


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