April 27, 2006

Hug a Volunteer

I had the good fortune of speaking to a wonderful group of people last night. Volunteers from the Halton Woman's Place were thanking their volunteers for all the hours of hard work they put in throughout the year. I got to speak; they had to listen.

I speak the way I write, but with more 'uhs' and hand motions. I also traipse around in my brain from subject to subject, like a bee on a mission. The thread of the talk was the crucial difference these people make, and I have to admit, I was overwhelmed more than once as I realized my words were their actions.

I'm very much a believer in the concept of a social fabric. We're only as strong as the patches. As we strive to celebrate the affluent and relegate the weak to dark corners, we forget that ultimately our own fate can never be assured.

Open your eyes, lend a hand, and speak out for those who can't. And as anyone who has put new knees into a pair of kid's jeans can tell you, sometimes those patches are far stronger than the weak spot they have replaced.


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