April 14, 2006

Jamie's Jury...

Ah, nice long weekend for SOME people...tune in to 900 CHML, I'll be on with Scott Radley (fellow columnist and all around funny guy) and Jamie at 1:00 for an hour. No doubt hilarity will ensue, or somebody will be sued...or something.

I have successfully put off raking the yard and gardens every day this year until 'tomorrow'. And it has magically rained on every single 'tomorrow' thus far. A few years back, I read somewhere that the best time to put down grass seed was when it was raining, and so I went out and did it.

By the time I got back in, I had grass seed stuck to every part of my body, like some shake 'n baked bog monster. Apparently the advice had been before it was going to rain, and not in a driving wind.

They make it look so easy on television.


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