April 20, 2006

A Love/Hate Thing

I love being able to open all the windows.
I hate that gas is getting so expensive, though I love walking more places.
I hate migraines.
I love finally putting away all the winter coats and boots.
I hate letters to the editors righteously declaring once again that women should stay home with their kids. Regardless of circumstance, regardless of what is best for society, regardless of anything except their own delusional belief that whatever works for them *will* work for everyone.
I love that my kid's school did a terrific musical last night about the earth and the environment. That little dinky gym didn't seem so hot and small at all.
I hate that I keep killing all my houseplants, though I do love getting new ones. Hope springs eternal.
I love that my other kid made pitcher of his baseball team.
I hate emails that don't come.


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