April 4, 2006

Of Acorns and Oak Trees

An Ottawa-area man killed his estranged wife and three children Sunday night. Their house exploded in flames. The restraining order against him did its usual effective job.

So, what stories made the covers of the papers this morning? Let's see...lost wedding rings in a snow bank, Debbie Travis posing prettily, Paula Abdul's new contract (frankly, this woman could be vaporized by aliens, and I don't think it would warrant front page news), most just go on and on about the Throne Speech. Like I want to picture Stephen Harper on the toilet.

I get it. If it happens within a thirty mile radius, we care. For about ten minutes. Abuse happens at every level of our society. I have known wealthy women who have endured abuse, as well as impoverished ones. I have known men to live in a climate of terror, scared of leaving and having the torrent transfered to their children.

It is the great leveller. A story in yesterday's Spec reveals the benign appearance, and the deadly underbelly. Do we turn away for fear of revealing too much of our own pain?

Education is everything. This remarkable woman has turned her own private hell into a remarkable opportunity for many, against tremendous odds. Surely there is inspiration here.

If we change the children, we change the future.


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