April 16, 2006

Rainey, Rainey, Quite Contrary...

What do I do on a fabulous Sunday?

My body is still screaming in pain from all the raking and bagging of winter dreck I pulled from the gardens yesterday. I wish I had a little meter that told me when I'd hit that 'gonna hurt baaad tomorrow' point. And yes, it shouldn't hurt - after all, I swim *70* laps a day I tell people when they ask. The fact I haven't been in the pool in three months is the part I don't tell them.

Today I will work in the dirt some more - the feel and smell is heaven, and little buds poking up remind that life goes on with or without me, and especially despite me, which sometimes is a very good lesson to remember.

I have a blog I visit every Sunday that reminds me we're all pretty much the same inside. What at first glance appears voyeuristic is really just incredibly human.

You can't go wrong with a little Doonesbury on a Sunday morning - or any day for that matter. I sometimes troll through some of the right-wing sites until my breakfast comes back up. Usually a minute or two. The Toronto Star on Sunday is always interesting - today your dose of political correctness is brought to you by the merchandising of the excreable DaVinci Code. Talk about ridiculous...

The New York Times helpfully explains why if you're a star, you can't name your kid Steve. Too bad it doesn't let me in on why nobody uses any vowel except 'y' when naming their kid in the rest of the world.

You know you're getting old when pictures of shoes like this invoke pain instead of lust. There was a time I would have jumped for them, rather than fallen off of them. Though the third from the left are really, really cute. Sigh.

Enough. Time to pull on yesterday's mucky jeans and head out back again. We found 4 toads yesterday. I miss the days when the boys would run for a shoe box and ask me what toads ate.

Everything marches on.


Blogger Karen H said...

I love how you can click on words and be zipped off to another page to explain...........excellent

Now if it just came with a drink I'd be set.

April 16, 2006 10:29 PM  

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