April 29, 2006


Marc was at a friend's last night. I told him to call home by 9. By 10, he hadn't (he was staying over) so I fired up the old MSN. I got his little brother to email to the friend's house to remind him. Jackson typed in CALL HOME NOW OR DIE!!!.

The phone rang immediately.

Instant messaging indeed.

Now, with absolutely no segue...anyone else think Kevin Costner is just the biggest pig on the planet? Caught doing that in front of a masseuse on - wait for it - his honeymoon??? I remember thinking he was so hot in Bull Durham. He was even arrogantly okay in Dances With Wolves. And then, I think he just let his ego blow up his career. I'd always hoped he'd maybe ressurect the old Kev, get control again. But this isn't the way I imagined him taking matters in hand...

Ever notice that the Saturday papers are a whole lot of weight with almost no meat?


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