April 7, 2006

Roughing It

Some days start better than others. It has just taken me 20 minutes to realize the only way the kettle is going to boil is if I turn on the burner. It took me the same 20 minutes to realize the toaster was unplugged, and the familiar 'bing' was not gonna happen.

Neither kid wants to get up. One is sick, and has dramatically told me he's been 'up all night - at least since 6'. Poor baby.

We've had no water in the kitchen for 24 hours, and it made me realize I could never star in Little House on the Prairie. I looked mournfully at the empty kettle yesterday, before trudging all the way to the bathroom for water. The dishes piled up while I called for dinner two nights in a row. The cats are drinking bottled water, and when Brad had to shut the main water valve off last night for an hour everyone, though forewarned, instantly braided their legs and started hopping around. Never fails.

I need the whole kitchen overhauled (the stove is down to 2 and a half burners - one burner has trouble committing to an entire meal) and the cupboards are begging to be put out of their misery. I just don't know how we'll survive any type of reno, when a single tap replacement almost drove us into a hotel.

I can't even think about the bathroom being gutted, as it needs to be. There is only one, and I don't think my neighbour Grace loves us THAT much. I'll just do what I usually do when it's time to do major work on the house: Take my tea to a room that still looks okay, and forget the others exist.


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