April 22, 2006

System Overload

Ever get the feeling you're just chasing your tail some days? I think my cats are idiots for spinning aimlessly, and yet I continue to mimic their crazy ways.

The calendar hanging on the fridge is a scrawled mess of dates and times. I didn't realize becoming a mother would make me more of a cop directing traffic than anything else. I have this tiny little dream that one day everything will be done; no appointments left, no parent-teacher interviews, no due dates for library books, no scheduling conflicts to figure out.

Heaven is a clear calendar. Except every time I leave the dentist, I am clutching yet another little card to be transcribed onto the calendar. The school sends home another schedule of tryouts or track meets, PD days, pizza days and pottery class. And I don't even have the crazy loaded schedules that some people do. Each kid can pick one sport, because I'm not living in my van.

I'm sure there will come a time when I will pine for these crazy busy days. Maybe. But until then, I have to feel a little chagrined that at least my silly cats catch their tails every once in a while.



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