April 5, 2006

Up Too Late on a School Night

Ever feel like someone has poured sand in your eyes?

I think I got about 3 hours sleep last night. Forget firing on all cylinders - I am firing on no cylinders. I'm usually up by 6:30, and poking Marc awake. With a big stick - he can be a little growly. Not today. I just barked at him to get up and get going. At 14, he's more than old enough to dress himself out of the hamper.

I'm usually the one throwing bagels into the toaster, because it's kinder than actually whipping them. The boys, not the bagels. As he headed out the door, I asked Marc if he'd made some breakfast. "Yeah. I had cheese." I weep for the future.

Jackson made crumpets, got orange juice and packed a snack for school. He was wearing clean clothes, and his teeth were brushed without being told. I'm hoping he'll let his older brother live with him when they're adults.

Marc had stayed up last night with me watching House. I have this not-so-secret crush on Hugh Laurie, which is probably a huge insult to Brad, but hey, it's not like I think he's watching Lost for the story line. Come to think of it, neither am I. That show is just a buffet of buff.

Dr. House is a cantankerous sod with a caustic wit, an addiction to pain killers and a cane he uses to push people around with. What's not to love? Marc was watching me watch him, and probably beginning to understand he will never understand women.

"Hey, he drives a motorcycle! That's cool..." he observed.
Oh well, nobody's perfect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep away from my boyfriend! Hugh Laurie is all mine. :) ...Mel

April 05, 2006 8:53 AM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

There comes a moment in every woman's life when she must choose to surrender, or fight. Step aside Mel. Someone's gonna get hurt...

April 05, 2006 8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ladies, ladies, can't we share. there is more than enough Hugh to go around...at least more than enough of his charm and humour...

April 05, 2006 11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see your House ladies, and raise you a Sawyer :)

April 05, 2006 12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think Hugh Laurie is mine. because i sat through interminable hours of 'britcoms' to see him (yeah "Blackadder" is good but C'MAAAAn) . 'House' is too easy.

-Proud owner.

April 08, 2006 8:58 PM  

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