April 9, 2006

When the Kids Are Away

So. The boys came home from their dad's a few days ahead of schedule. Like all children, they imagine we hang in suspended animation, awaiting their return. They are alway surprised to see any changes at the house in their absence.

Jackson, 11, opened the fridge.
"Hey! Steak! You eat steak when we're not here? What else is in here..." he said, poking his nosy little head in and out of cupboards. The fact of the matter is that we live quite lean when they're aren't here. It's the only way to afford them when they are here.

Brad, glancing over at Jackson, decided to tell him a few home truths.
"Jackson, we eat steak. And candy, and cake. We watch cartoons 24 hours straight. As soon as you get home, we break out the broccoli. We buy tons of new clothes, go to the movies and secretly play with all your toys."

Jackson narrowed his eyes.
"I knew it."


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