April 25, 2006

Will & I

I was always the freaky kid in class who loved Shakespeare. Still do. (I can thank the teacher a few blog entries below for starting the love affair.) I have tried for years to get the boys to realize that Shakepeare's work was written to be heard, rather than read, but my whining falls on deaf ears for the most part.

I can't afford to haul them to Stratford each year. If I rent videos I get so enrapt I don't notice them sidling out of the room.


Today I'm going to try a new tactic though. This article ran in the Daily Express (via The Star) and I plan on reading out most of it at dinner tonight. I want them to understand how infiltrated our culture is by the old Bard.

Shakespeare effectively blurred the lines of emotion by pointing out that on the inside, we truly are all the same. If you feel it, Willy already wrote about it, and better than you could have expressed it.

I recognize that much of his work has more resonance once life has stomped on you a few times. And while I don't wish grief on my kids, I like knowing that when it inevitably happens, Shakespeare was already there - and will no doubt say 'I feel your pain' rather than 'I told you so'.


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