May 27, 2006

Flower Power

I'm waiting for the yard to dry up a bit, so I can go out and start digging in the dirt. You know how you see all those yellow bags of topsoil people have delivered to their driveways? Nice, neat bags?

We don't do that. We have a lot of gardens, so we get what Jackson (11) calls a 'lump' of dirt delivered. There is 8 yards of triple mix sitting on my front lawn. For the ungardening types, that's a mighty pile of dirt. And it's been raining. It's times like these I'm wishing I wasn't so cheap, and instead had 8 tidy bags sitting on my driveway.

Both boys have been recruited to shovel and wheelbarrow. Marc (14) glanced at the pile and shrugged. As in 'how long can that take?'. Ah, the misconceptions of youth. But at least it's a 6-foot tall youth, who believes a 4 hour job is going to take 20 minutes out of his Saturday.

I have a million flats (okay, 5) of flowers which I will poke into the ground higgledy-piggledy, because when I see perfect rows of measured plantings, my teeth twitch. I'll let the kids mix up the colours too, because random is nicer.

Chuck the rules; garden with your heart.


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