May 1, 2006

G'day Mate...

Because spring is finally here, Jackson was doing his homework late last night. Way late. This is my kid who usually has things done ahead of time, but the call of the mild is too strong.

I asked what he had to do. A project on Australia. I asked what part. He told me 'all of it'. Nicely narrows it down. As he struggled to sum up the climate, economy, geography and history of an entire country in two sentences, I asked if he shouldn't talk a little about the oceans that surround the entire continent.

He disappeared back down to the computer. After ten minutes he was back, project in hand all finished. The first page held a few terse paragraphs ('I used a really big font so it looks like more') and the second page displayed two pictures of a guy who'd been eaten by a shark. Jackson was most impressed that you could see gaping bite marks.

His friend Emily showed up to collect him for school this morning. She had a large bristolboard under her arm. I asked her what it was. Yup. Her Australia project. Something tells me she's going to get a much better mark, even without the shark bite photos.


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