May 20, 2006

Girls Will Be...Idiots?

If you've been around here awhile, you already know some of my pet peeves. I share gladly. Greedy war-mongers, over-consumption, warring women, weak parenting, and all things politically correct.

But nestled in it's own little corner in hell is a sofa for the ditzy debutantes that have cluttered my media radar for way too long now. Rebecca Traister has a go at them here on Salon and does a fine job of it. (If you have to get the day pass to go in, it only takes a sec, and the whole site is great.) As we keep championing and rewarding the stupid trash that calls multi-tasking shopping while sucking on a latte, our own girls are getting the distinctly wrong message: You are what you wear, who you boff, and what you don't eat.

I have a theory. Actually I have hundreds, but one at a time is all anyone can stand. Every kid is good at something. Great at it, actually. It's our job, as parent, teachers, employers, friends and neighbours to find out what that is and encourage it. Everybody has some star quality that makes them special. If they reach adulthood not knowing what that is, it's our failure, not theirs.

The media is telling our young women and girls that dumb is good. The New York Post recently coined the term 'celebutard', which is about as succinct as it gets. I remember when pretty girls used to profess they really were smart.

Now, it's just a race to the bottom of the IQ barrel.


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