May 30, 2006

I'm Melting...

When Jackson, 11, had a track meet rained out a couple of weeks ago, I made appropriate 'oh, too bad!' sounds but inside jumped up and down. Unless I'm working, I go to watch my little sprinter sprint. But if there is a more taxing day for this mother than a track meet, I don't know what it is.

I've shepherded bundles of 8 year olds around the zoo, Toronto Island and Marineland. I've been to the Science Centre, the ROM and everywhere in between. The problem is that I did most of it for the first kid, and Jackson gives me that look that explains I will not be dodging any more of his events.

With one missed track meet, I knew I had only one more to go. Until he announced that today was the rescheduled one, and in two days was the second one. I have one day of grace to prepare. For the unknowing, this means coolers full of ice and water and watermelon, and a wagon to pull it across miles of hot asphalt parking lots. It means gallons of sunscreen, sweaty crabby little kids and sweatier, crabbier adults. Well, this one at least.

Wish me luck.


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