May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Hey! Happy Mother's Day!

If you're a guy, pass along the sentiment to an ovaried person. Or maybe you're a guy raising your kids alone, in which case you may keep the good cheer. It doesn't really matter if you've actually had a child or not; everyone knows some of the most wonderful mothers around are the ones who simply love a child.

Neighbours who let you kick a ball in their yard and don't get mad. Teachers who share their lunch, and their time, with the kid who gets neither at home. Store clerks who don't look at my growing sons as potential thieves, and waitresses who accept lousy tips from kids who, while learning independence, are still struggling with the concept of budgeting.

Thank you to the older ladies who talk to me like a daughter. I miss my mom, and you make it a little more bearable. Cheers to the young moms struggling along with their commitment when everyone else feels free to judge them sight unseen. A special hug to the moms out there battling inner demons while keeping it all together for their kids - a heroic effort that people only know about if you fail.

I miss the preschool years now. I still have the earrings that infect my ears, and the little clay necklaces with a mom and baby teddy bear on it. Small clay pots with plastic fork flowers, and toilet paper tube vases with tissue paper roses. Handprints, corsages and paper mache (sp?) masterpieces - great presents all. But it was always the unabashed love with which they were presented that brought the tears.

I think maybe I'll just say a little thank you to the sons who made me a mom in the first place.


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