May 8, 2006

Not- So- Grand Mother

So Adler and Hebsy think what a woman does is her own business. Can't believe I agree with both of them, BUT...stand on your front step and give a statement to the press, and it's open season. Wanna have a kid? Go for it. Wanna have one at 63? I think you're a nutter, but it's your business. Tell the world about it? Let me get up from my armchair.

Why are we wasting medical and scientific advancement on being able to do this? This same crazy doctor (Antinori) wants to clone babies. Nobody wants to stick their head up and draw the line. Allow me. By 63, your baby-making days are behind you. If I can accept that I'm too old for mini-skirts and black lipstick, why can't post-post-post menopausal women accept that Baby Train has pulled out of Ovary Station?

I don't even buy into the argument that there is 'too old' to raise kids. If this same woman had found a baby in the wild and raised it, she'd be a hero. I just hate the waste of research that makes this stupidness possible, regardless of who's writing the cheque. I wish science had cured my 70 year old mother of breast cancer, not made it possible for her to be impregnated.


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