May 9, 2006

Really Senior Prom

Okay, this is just, ewww. (Sorry, this link is half and half working - making me nuts) Schools are starting to have to put age limits on prom dates. Read through this piece, someone brought a 48-year-old as their prom date. Just, ewwww.

I've been watching from the sidelines as proms have gone nuttier and nuttier everywhere. Fancier, and more costly, than weddings. Girls gone stupid with thousand dollar dresses, helicopters, limos, weekend-long bashes, you name it.

I had a cheesy 30 dollar dress from Fairweathers, my sister did my hair and I was home by midnight. Whoopdedoo. This problem with old prom dates is freaky, though. At most schools, it always seemed there was one girl who had a boyfriend who was, like 25 or something really ancient. But that girl would usually be the one who seemed lightyears ahead of the rest of us in maturity anyway. And she was usually smart enough to ditch prom.

We don't even have grade 13 here anymore. Tell me why a bunch of twenty-somethings (or, apparently 40-somethings) would want to go to a high school prom? Isn't a 25- year -old in a room full of 17 -year- olds more like a babysitter? I'm just having nasty images of Amy Fisher and Joey Buttofuco (sorry, they've been all over TV again) dancing in my head.

Sorry. I'm just stuck on that 48-year-old. Ewwwwwww.


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