May 22, 2006

Stupid Is...

So, I'm sitting here freezing to death on May 22nd and wondering what has happened to my long weekend. I've had the dreaded migraine right through until this morning, and now as I come around, like a bathrobed Dorothy at the end of The Wizard of Oz, I'm having a hard time figuring out just where I am.

The rather brisk weather has apparently sent campers and cottagers home in droves from the northern regions (we never go up to the cottage this weekend - the traffic leaves me wanting to maim someone), but not before killing some of the revellers bent on having a good time. When will people understand that SEVEN people in a little fishing boat is never a good idea?

My sympathy for the foolish is reserved for those who are grown in body but not in mind, the teens and young adults who, fate willing, will live long enough to learn the error of their careless ways. I can only retrieve my jaw from the floor when actual adults, especially those responsible for children, perform such ludicrous acts of stupidity.

Speaking of Brittany Spears - part of me wants to hug the girl and commiserate that raising a child is indeed terribly hard. The other part of me wants to smack her a little and tell her to stay home and actually do it. They don't come with instructions, darlin'...but once you're in the pool, you are obligated to start swimming.

After her son has been non-car-seated, incorrectly car-seated, crashed out of his high chair onto his head, and nearly dropped, if he grows up a little dull it'll be a toss up whether it's nature or nurture. Oh well, at least she gets to practice on this one, in time for the next one - in five months.

My true concern? The same one I've always had whenever I see someone mistreating their child in public. I sadly wonder what they do in private.


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