May 15, 2006

You May Have Already Won

If you're on too many group mailing lists, you know the hassle of scrolling through four-year-old jokes and rude pictures (thanks for yesterday's, Wish!). Remember the first time the Nigerian crown prince contacted you for help? To smuggle the family jewels out of the country? You were going to make 16 million for doing nothing, because you had been CHOSEN - yes you, to help.

PT Barnum wasn't kidding. Ever wonder who might respond to this garbage? Read this from The New Yorker - unbelievable. A top -to- tail account of a psychotherapist/minister in the States who fell for it.

I break chain letters. I do not forward to 5 people, 10 people, or 50 people to increase my chances of getting so-so, good, or great luck. I don't send cards to little imaginary kids with cancer, I know Microsoft is not going to give me money and most importantly, I can still hear my parents admonishments: You get what you pay for, if it seems too good to be true it is, and get back upstairs and brush your teeth.

Don't respond to junk email. Don't even open it. Delete it. Don't give out any information over the phone or the computer. If you feel isolated, get out of the house. If you're lonely, get a cat. If you're sad, get a shrink.

Don't become prey; just because conmen have a new way into your home doesn't mean you have to throw open the door.


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