June 16, 2006

40 Candles

A lot of people lose their minds when they approach birthdays ending in '0'. 30, 40 50 etc. I didn't care much about 40. I'd started a new chapter in my life and I was more excited than nervous. Change brings about possibility.

No, I was fine when I turned 40. I'm having way more trouble with my baby sister turning 40. Now, there is cause for concern. This means I have a younger sister who is practically middle aged. Assuming we live to 80, which always cracks me up when some guy is described as middle aged when he's 54. Yeah, you gonna live to be 108 buddy? Probably not.

Today is Gilly's 40th birthday. That's her real name, because even though I've always used a fake name in the column, she outed herself in an earlier blog, so I'm going for the whole deal here. Gillian is 40.

I had to share a room with her; we were the two youngest. She'd purposely clean her side of the room (by stuffing all her dirty laundry in the drawers) and then call my mother to show her how neat she was ('aren't I neat, mummy?). Of course, my stuff was everywhere, and I'd get in trouble.

We would fight, and she'd holler for my mom, then cry on demand. I don't possess that particular skill, and she had tear ducts that belonged in Hollywood. I'd get in trouble. She constantly got better marks than I did, so I'd get in trouble.

She would tell my parents if I hadn't paid her back money I'd borrowed (I swear she used to print it off under her bed) and I'd get in trouble. She'd patiently explain that she hadn't ridden her bike, so only I could have left the garage open that night, and I'd get in trouble.

My entire life has pretty much been having to stand beside this little blond beauty with a perfect smile, so I always got in trouble.

Welcome to 40, Gilly. And by posting this, something tells me I'm going to be in trouble.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have stood beside this fabulous woman and not always compared favourably, but I cannot think of anywhere else I'd rather be. Happy, Happy Birthday to a very cool chick. Love, Millie.

June 16, 2006 9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our early lives in a nutshell...Thanks so much for the celebration of our first 40 years together! Thanks to my awesome best friend Millie...Love all you guys way too much...and the first forty were great and can't wait for the next.
Thanks. Love G.

June 16, 2006 9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gill! Congrats! You look exactly the same as you did at 20, by the way.


June 19, 2006 8:46 AM  

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