June 22, 2006

CH Live @ 5:30

Yesterday's blog topic is today's TV talking point. Tune in to CHTV 11 for Live@5:30 for a knockdown on the Supreme Court's screw up. Well, that's my take, anyway.


Blogger FXR said...

News flash;

George Bush has requested funds from congress to replace the small arms of all soldiers in Iraq with Marlboro's. The joint chiefs agreed unanimously tobacco smoke was not listed as a chemical weapon so no international agreements would be breached. New battle formations will include sitting around a campfire smoking the peace pipe. The results would have insurgents falling over amass clutching their chests and dying of Heart attacks. Victory is absolutely assured The Surgeon General in an announcement yesterday confirmed the effects will be seen within minutes. The mass evacuation of innocent children has begun to avoid the devastating effects. They will be temporarily assigned to re education camps and taught the rules of Pseudo realities as guaranteed in the American constitution. Freedom to act as the rest of the freedom loving democracies in obedience of the morality laws of Rockefeller et al Johnson and Johnson and the Nazi, sorry, Health army of disciples. Bush has announced a press conference to announce; an early end to all hostilities in the middle east is finally within our grasp. Bush was recently accused of breaching International Law by a supreme court Justice.

Smoke em if you've got em

America becomes a joke on the world stage.


June 29, 2006 5:46 PM  

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