June 25, 2006

Cottage Life

So, the good news? I think only one mouse made it into the cottage all winter. He got a bellyfull of the noxious stuff we put down, and ran away screaming.

I'm still trying to figure out the cut off point of 'cute'. I don't intentionally look for things to kill that get in my way, but I'm not above wanting to snuff out anything creepy or crawly or that leaves a little trail of poop over the cutlery.

My sister Gilly was up one year with just her two little ones, then about 3 and 5. As she lay awake in the dark, she just knew she could hear something scuttling about. We're used to maybe, occasionally, possibly, hearing something up in the attic, but she knew this was different. This was close. This was real. This had to be dealt with. As if on cue, the power crapped out on her.

She finally gave up, after realizing that pulling a pillow over your head didn't lock out the noises inside your head. Like some kind of mommy stealth bomber, she crept out to the kitchen armed with a flashlight. She'd hear a noise and stop, at which point the noise would stop. She kept on like this for awhile, doing a mouse-and-mommy tango until she finally flicked the light upwards.

There, sitting on top of the valance a mere 4 inches from the ceiling, sat a little deermouse. Deermice, for the uninitiated, have huge ears - think Mickey Mouse - big eyes and little brown bodies. Sure, sounds cute now. As Gilly proceeded to multitask (she lost her mind, dropped the light and ran for her camera, all at the same time), the mouse remained frozen in fear.

She got the picture. She lost the mouse. She packed up the kids and ran home the next day.

Awesome picture. Almost worth the stress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, I just about fell on the floor with this one. What a picture it conjured up!
My particular bogeyman is spiders, and was always positive one was hovering inches from my face on its nasty silk the instant I turned out the light.

June 28, 2006 6:05 PM  

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