June 20, 2006

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

It's funny. They call them 'newspapers', so the articles contained therein should be 'news'. Read this piece in today's Spec. Men apparently misread women when it comes to evaluating their own sexual attractiveness to said women.

Ha! This is news? Men overestimate their sexiness, women underestimate theirs. Remember how many times you've wondered how a rather homely lad got to be with such a stunning woman? Easy. He asked.

There's the usual anthropological stuff - women are more interested in good providers, guys are more visually stimulated, yack, yack, yack.

My admittedly not vast experience has shown that men will risk being shot down. And move on to the next one. It may make them appear to not be too picky, but I think they're just realists. They don't wanna go home alone. Women pine and plot and plan in reference to one guy at a time. It makes for way too much down time.

Men use buck shot - women are snipers. Who do you think is going to register more hits?


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