June 28, 2006

Everybody Into The Pool

I'm not a fan of physical fitness. Well, I'm a fan of having it, but certainly not getting it. I've heard all the expressions, like 'no pain, no gain'. I subscribe to something closer to 'no pain, more wine'.

As a kid, I had surgery on both feet. I can't jump, run, cycle or play team sports. The team part is actually because I can't get along with people, but that's another story. The only thing left is swimming, which I rather like, so it works out.

Getting into the pool is difficult sometimes. I have a gold medal in procrastination, and the last 6 months I've convinced myself that I've been too busy to go. Too busy sitting on my butt is more like it, but now that I find I have too much butt to be sitting on, it was back into the pool.

Oh, the pain. When I stopped, I was doing 70 laps a day, pretty much every day. I did 40 yesterday, and hauled my sorry self out of the shallow end looking like the missing link.

Today, I hit 50, and I am typing with jello arms. Women twice my age were scooting by like eels. I silently cursed myself for having no discipline these past 6 months, and wondered where my time was spent. I hope it was worth it, because I don't think this ringing in my ears is a good sign.

The upside is that my heart is pounding away. And you thought I didn't have one.


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