June 11, 2006

A Fish Story

We've promised Jackson a fish tank; we already have one I bought a few years back, but the fish died before they were even named.

Seeing an opportunity like a smart bomb seeks its target, my sister offered Jackson her three-times-as-big tank. She's trying to unload it, and Jackson has images of an entire ocean swimming around in our rec room.

I've already told him he can only have cheap fish. Some of them at the pet store are thirty bucks each - impressive until you're flushing thirty dollars down the toilet. I call the little tetras and zebra fish 'flushables', and he wanders around the store asking if these are flushables. I pretend not to notice the clerks raised eyebrows at someone entertaining a pet's demise before it even leaves the store.

Thanks to my sister, I'm probably going to have to spring for 40 little flashy flushables. But it's sure to be wonderful entertainment for Jackson, and no doubt a special form of torture for our two cats.


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