June 26, 2006

No News Is Good News

The only part of home I miss at the cottage is getting my newspapers. There's no internet, so I can't even read fake papers. It's hard to justify a trip to town just for a paper, especially when everyone else thinks I'm a little crazy.

You'd think I would be content to lie on the dock with a vodka and iced tea in one hand and a National Enquirer in the other, but noooooooooo....I need to know what I'm missing in the real world.

I don't care that the phone isn't working half the time, I don't freak out if the power disappears and running out of something just means we eat something else. But I want my paper. There used to be a newspaper box out at the main road, about a 2 mile return hike. Every year I'd pledge to do the walk each morning. I've never done it, and then a few years back, they removed the box. Oh darn, and that was the year I was really going to start walking.

Well, this year the box is back. And once again, I've made my pledge. I can live without email, I never check phone messages back home and I turn off my cell. But I need my paper.

If you see a woman lying on the shoulder of the road in front of a big rock painted like a snapping turtle, get her a paper and drive her back to the cottage, will ya?


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