June 26, 2006

Poking a Sleeping Dragon

If you've followed the news over the course of the past year, you know that Dofasco is changing ownership. My dad worked there for 40 years, and bought all of his kids stock at one time or another. I sold 24 shares when I bought the house (every nickel counted) and had 12 left. But, as is typical Lorraine, I'd misplaced the certificate. You can't sell shares unless you have the actual certificate. They're so picky.

One of the courting companies kept sending me offers to purchase. I kept responding that I would love to - but I'd lost the paper. They finally told me to get a copy of my dad's death certificate (the shares were jointly held, as I was a minor when he bought them) and that would suffice. It's pretty easy to get hold of documents like this now - you write the cheque, fire off a form you download on the computer, and ta da!

I'd pretty much forgotten about it, until I just opened the mail. Dad's death certificate. On that waxy silky official paper they use. Which of course makes it all official all over again, ten years later.

As I'm sitting here blubbering like an idiot, I realize that sometimes some bureaucratic red tape wouldn't be such a bad thing. Some processes are just too easy.

And some endings are just so damned hard.


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