June 10, 2006

Post Boast

Want to know how I'm certain that my current job is the last one I will ever have?

This article seals the deal. I've been yammering on for ages about how public the internet is - and trying to explain to anyone who will listen that privacy is out the window, and not just because George W. may be listening.

As students leave the confines of school and enter into the working world, their student days are sometimes dragging along behind them like a piece of literary toilet paper. Employers are googling and myspacing to see what lurks behind the lines of the best resumes.

The young man in the article lost out on a great job because of crazy boasts of drugs and sex and wildness, often at the same time. Such posting boasting is common. While most of us trip the light fantastic on a return ticket, who's going to believe that you have given up your wanton ways, especially if they know nothing else about you?

My craziness is pretty much limited to revealing my questionable housekeeping skills, my original parenting ideas and a mind rich in trivial minutiae. But my politics are no secret, my sympathies are an open book, and even a bad day gets recorded.

The lampshade on your head that previously was seen only by the still-sober at some party can now be used against you forever...and that's a long time.


Blogger Rainypete said...

It's when reading articles liek this that I'm glad that I'm boring.

June 12, 2006 3:05 PM  

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