June 1, 2006

Thanks for Nothing...

'Madonna Brings Back the Bodysuit' screams the headline. Well, thanks for nothing.

If I say the word 'leotard', don't you instantly have flashbacks to heavy cableknit legging things from grade school? If you were taller than a Hobbit, they hung like a hammock between your knees and made you walk like a duck. Flashforward to the disco era, and bodysuits and leotards were all of a sudden everywhere courtesy of Olivia Newton John, Jane Fonda and the infamous 20-Minute Workout girls and those fabulous camera angles (...'and one, uh, and two, uh...).

Thanks but no thanks. Bodysuits that had that snap closing in the crotch, so it took 40 minutes to go the bathroom. And lord help you if you'd had a glass of wine or two - it was worse than fumbling through a tote bag looking for a nail file.

I don't want to revisit leotards and bodysuits. I don't think Madonna should have revisited that really ugly flip hairdo, either. Why would anyone take fashion tips from this? She apparently works out for 3 hours a day, which is nice work if you can get it. If I worked out for 3 hours a day, maybe I'd be braver about presenting my bodysuited sausage body to the world too. Heck, if I worked out 3 hours a month, I'd even be more inclined.

In the mean time, I'm begging all of you - let this trend die a quick death.


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