June 19, 2006

Time for Change

People who get migraines seldom make plans. We've learned not to, because predicting how you're going to feel in two weeks or even two days requires a crystal ball and a dowsing stick.

This New York Times article delves into the art of blowing people off, whether it's business or social. It's mostly about the fact that we're so over-scheduled that a cancellation is like a gift. I have a better idea. Don't make plans in the first place, especially you people that specialize in the double-decker time travel version of the feat.

I once had to work with a guy that somehow believed he could be in two, or more, places at the same time. He believed he could drive 40km in two minutes. But most mistakenly of all, he believed people would put up with this garbage. He was mistaken. Nobody thought of him as busy and important; they just thought he was a self-important liar.

Cancel once, with a believable reason, and you're free to go. Twice? Forget it. You're telling me your time is more valuable than mine. Anyone who books a third time is a fool. And you know what? Tell the truth. If you're just in a really pissy mood, I get it. Life can clip anyone - doesn't mean you have to keep tapdancing on my account.

My friends cut me unbelievable slack because of the headaches. I appreciate that, because though I will drag my sorry arse through the commitment with a pounding head, I'm kidding myself if I don't realize they just wish I'd stayed home.

The nutty thing with all this go-go-go pace we seem trapped in is that the best, most productive moments are never planned for. A spur of the moment walk for a coffee with a friend is heaven. A chance business discussion when I've stuck my head into somebody's office usually yields the best results.

To paraphrase Billy Ocean: 'Get me out of your Blackberry and into your life'.

Unless I have a headache.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can totally relate, I was really close with this guy for a really long time, and he totally blew all of our friends off giving excuses that were so transparent it was ridiculus. Eventually people stopped inviting him out cause we were sick of his dumb lies. If you don't want to do something, tell them straight up - it's not my kind of thing, or i really need some time to jsut relax - it's so much better than telling people u're interested and you'll be there!

June 19, 2006 5:36 PM  

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