July 30, 2006

Anybody Seen My Vacuum?

Sorry if you've missed me. Which I doubt, but you never know.

I've been spring cleaning. What begins as 'what's that funny smell?' and ends with a trip to the emergency vet, has a middle part that involves pulling out all the furniture, scrubbing all the floors, and going through the laundry baskets with a nervous hesitancy.

All's well that ends well, JoJo has had her little lady problem all seen to, and I have done my bi-annual filing frenzy. I found the coolest thing under all the crud. A Hamilton Spectator and a Globe and Mail - dated July 19 and July 21 respectively. 1969. My dad kept them because of the lunar landing, and reading through them I'm reminded that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Sharing the front page of the Globe is a politician trapped in a sleazy sex scandal - Ted Kennedy and Chappaquick. Gee. A Kennedy in a sex scandal. Maybe if they'd put paid to this one, all the others wouldn't have followed.

Letters to the Editor of the Spec are complaining about the slant being taken by the editorial staff on the war in the Middle East. I think we really are all just players being circulated through a neverending play.

A page and a half of church listings. Letters with the names withheld. A listing of fire calls and their outcomes ('locked out of house'). Terry rompers at Eatons for $1.74. A woman writing to tell people that women love being ogled, and it's a man's right to do so. The world was way more fun without it's muzzle of political correctness.

Ah, enough fun. Back to clean up and filing. If man can walk on the moon, surely I should be able to get across my living room.


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