July 14, 2006

Child's Play

My philosophy on life, which grows stronger as I get older, is to live and let live. I can't pretend to understand others motivations, so I don't spend much time pondering them.

Until I read something like this. Just how many kids can people responsibly raise?

This couple had two kids, took fertility drugs and had triplets, than, apparently unassisted by anything but a glass of wine and a come hither look, proceeded to have quadruplets.

Read further down. They live in a one bedroom apartment. First, I want to know how with 5 kids they found time for any action beyond tearing their hair out. Apparently they always wanted lots of kids. So become a kindergarten teacher.

Remember that nutter couple in, I think, Texas? They had septuplets after using fertilty drugs. The woman then announced that her babies were a gift from God. No they weren't. They were a gift from Big Pharma. I think science being able to assist previously-unable-to-conceive couples is a great thing. I never take lightly the wonder of my two boys.

But is there no consideration taken for the ability of people to raise all these kids? Is adding triplets to a mix of four people in a one bedroom apartment not a reason to pause? I was ripping into the 63 year old British woman recently (in May blogs) who got pregnant. I think there reaches a point where science isn't saying 'how can we help people that truly need help' but 'how freakish can we get while playing God?'

It'll certainly help people like Michael Jackson. Instead of an ongoing battle for his kids (are they his? aren't they? who knows?) he'll just be able to give birth to his own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many children can one couple responsibly raise?

For a carpet layer father and, we can only assume, a now unemployed mother from East LA, living in a 1 bedroom apartment, the answer is not 9.

Do diaper and pablum companies still give away lifetime supply of products for these blessed events? This couple better hope so because raising these kids on love alone ain't gonna cut it.

July 14, 2006 6:25 PM  

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