July 25, 2006

Did I Miss Anything?

So....just back from 6 glorious days at the cottage. I have just learned what the date is, and thanks to the Middle East gut wrencher, catching up on missed papers just isn't what it used to be.

I will never understand how two gym bags of clothes can translate into three garbage bags of laundry.The boys weren't even with us, but we've managed to come back with an empty cooler, and of course, an empty wallet. Somehow, paying six bucks for Kiwartha Dairies ice cream just seems okay up there.

The owner of the local general store (which was really just for newspapers and bait originally) has amazed us all by getting his liquor license. Overnight, his humble little establishment has become the centre of all things for all people. I have sent off particulars to Queen Elizabeth to see if we can get him knighted.

The phone hasn't been working all year, and we spent three days trying to track down Bell. They make promises like a guy on a first date ("I'll call!") and never did show. After awhile, I decided I liked the place better without a phone anyway.

We saw baby racoons; we fished a tiny little snapping turtle out of the lake, he might have been an inch and a half across. Not so mighty yet - we had one with a two foot shell a few years back, which could have taken your foot off.

After a day or so of withdrawal, I realized I was quite happy with no computer and no phone. This from a woman who spends about ten hours a day at the computer.

If you're getting away this summer, do yourself a favour. Leave all the techno-crap behind. Forget the laptop, the crackberry and numerous phones. Even if you think you're too important to be unwired, aren't the people you're with more important?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back - you were missed. I agree completely about the tech connections being left behind while the "people connections" get a reconnect. Sounds like you had a good time - now keep us amused & amazed with your wit. Sandie Thomas (the Avon lady).

July 26, 2006 8:45 AM  

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