July 4, 2006

Hot Stuff

Guys: I know it's hot out. Really, really hot. But do me a favour, and don't walk around with no shirt on. It's not shirtless, it's half naked. I just got in from Toronto, and let me tell you, there are some very secure men in that town. They think they look great. They don't. And when they have it all hanging out like that, they invite nasty comments, like these.

Years ago a woman here in southern Ontario, Gwen Jacobs, fought for the right to walk around shirtless. Because men could, women should be granted the same freedom. She made her point (or points), but nothing changed. We women aren't that stupid. Just like with the guys, it is never, ever the women you want to see naked that avail themselves of this law. If I see one more Sweaty Naked Man strolling down the street, I may have to run him over.


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