July 19, 2006

Light Bright

We bought those little solar lights for the backyard. They look like little lanterns all the way around the edge of the gardens. We needed 18 of them, so we had to wait for them to go on sale. I waited 2 years.

They look very cool, and Jackson and I sit out back on the swing and watch them flicker on at night sometimes. The problem is that this time of year, it stays light out much longer, and if we're lucky we can catch them just dimmly lighting before it's bedtime.

Two years I've waited for something I can't stay up late enough to enjoy. I discovered something today though. As I came downstairs at the godawful hour of 5:30, there were my little lights, all shining robustly.

I like being reminded that sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective for something to be wonderful.

I'm out of here for a few days...There are loons calling my name, not to mention the siren song of a vodka and iced tea.

Have a good weekend.


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