July 11, 2006

More Beslan Tears

I'll confess: I often cry while reading the papers each morning. It's not that I'm that soft, it's because this world is that harsh. I was off to a soggy start with stories of kids drowning while on picnics (kids that are just playing should be kept safe by some mystical force) when I read that the bastard that masterminded the Beslan kidnapping in Russia nearly two years ago had been killed.

Well, now it's tears in memory of more tears. For three days, hundreds of children and their parents and teachers were held hostage. When it was finally over, 331 people were dead - 186 of them children.

What kind of sick *#&% targets kids? When this happened, I remember my own boys were about to head back to school for the start of another school year. Following what was taking place in Russia cracked my heart in two. The thought of children desperate with fear is - or should be - anyone's worst nightmare.

There is a difference between adults and children in their reactions to things. Children have infinite reserves of hope. Adults recognize a lost cause, adults quit, adults give up. Those children sitting in that overheated gym for those 3 days, with no food, no water, scared witless by masked men hanging bombs over their heads, still believed they would live. After all, the grown ups in their world would never let anything happen to them.

If only that were true. We let children down every day. We forget how easily the purity of trust can be thrown out the window. I can only imagine the children that survived that massacre - how truncated their emotions must be, how damaged their hearts and souls are. They endured the worst discovery a child can make - that nobody can keep them safe.

I am glad Basayev is dead. I also recognize it makes little difference. The horror masters of this world are like shark's teeth - you cut one down, another moves up to take his place.


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