July 16, 2006

Party On

The morning after a party the night before.

There was a time when that statement referenced a whole litany of smoke-clearing, head-pounding, agonizing revelations. And then, you have kids.

I remember going around the yard many years ago in the bright sunshine of a clear morning, picking up beer cans, scraping up cigarette butts (yuck), the occassional shoe and rinds from a watermelon that had been soaked in rum before consumption. I have found people asleep on my couch. I have found spaghetti on my car windshield. I have fielded phone calls from participants asking if I've found their lost car keys, purses, sunglasses and virginity. The good old days.

Last night was just friends with their kids for dinner. That's as close as we get to a party these days. I walked out back this morning to find all manner of clothing and towels draped over the deck rails. Little socks in little balls. Every T-shirt in the house seems to be out there, in a effort to keep four boys dry.

Do we have a pool you ask? No. Our party prep consisted of a few bottles of wine, a potato salad and a bunch of giant squirt guns. The littlest guy who can't work the trigger just got to use the hose. All four boys spent 6 hours saturated. The lawn got a decent watering, as did parents that didn't duck in time.

Nobody cared about gameboys; no one watched TV; nobody cried, nobody whined. Four boys aged 6 to 14 played on.

Sometimes it's just that simple.


Blogger Rainypete said...

Further proof that technology and posessions are no replacement for good old fashioned fun and being a family.

July 18, 2006 3:16 PM  

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