August 23, 2006

Blaming All Women...

I can't let this slide by. After a panel discussion on CH the other night about overweight children, comments were aired the following night. In dispatching blame for the problem, some, er, butthead, called in and definitively stated that mothers are to blame.

Women, actually. All women. We have destroyed not only our families, but the entire social fabric because we work. If we would just get our barefoot, pregnant selves back into the kitchen, all that is good will be restored to the nation.

This article in Forbes will have Butthead nodding along, even as his lips moves while he reads it. (For anyone who isn't sure, if you click on my little blue words, you will be taken straight to the article I'm talking about). Note: On edit, Forbes pulled the article from their site. I've re-linked to another blogger who grabbed it before it disappeared. Nothing like sticking to your guns, Forbes...

Beware those educated working women. They fool around; they hate their children; they run off with their co-workers, and they undermine their mate's self esteem.

Boo hoo.

I love that they classify 'career' women as making more than 30K. Live it up ladies. As they flog away on the old saw about women being in the workforce being disruptive (we're more likely to have affairs when we see more than the postman each day), they conveniently forget that men have been eating at this particular buffet for years.

Why can't women just pony together what works for them, and their marriage? It's a partnership that evolves and changes, and everyone I know who is making it work is working together.

And anyone I know who has busted out of it had more than good reason to do so. I think Butthead likes the security that Mrs. Butthead won't get a glimpse of something better than being married to a caveman. I can guarantee this is the guy who talks about the 'little woman', slaps her on the rump in front of company, and hollers for a beer while he farts in his Barcalounger.

And this will be the same guy who will chase the secretary around the construction trailer or office where he works, and if she's stupid enough to return his advances, he'll leave his wife and deny he owes a penny of support.

To all the Buttheads out there, let me explain: We educate ourselves because we can. We are smart, and if they're smart, our parents have encouraged us to do so. This is a big world, and we are just as entitled to a piece of it, or to run it, as anyone else. We also know how important it is to pass down a non-judgmental, educated world-view to our children. Especially if we're married to someone like you.

We work, hopefully at something we like, for the same reasons you do. People need a sense of accomplishment. It is rewarding to use what we have learned, and it is also rewarding to be able to support ourselves. Being independent means we will be able to care for ourselves, and our children, if something happens to you. Like the neighbour who mows her lawn in short shorts.

Having children is something we think about from about age 12 on. Believe me - we can't escape the implication of procreating, or not, without bearing the wrath of one special interest group or another. We stress over the timing of having kids, how many to have, and which man will be the best equipped to partner with us in such an important decision.

Like the time you drove home after 10 beers, we don't always make the right choices. But our ability, and insistence upon, working is to make sure our children don't pay for their parents mistakes. Most women I know do some combination of work and childrearing that fluctuates with the age of the children. And don't worry - you guys are still getting most of the best promotions and pay raises, because when a kid barfs at school, they only have a mother.

Butthead, a lot of guys are cooking now. And doing it well, and enjoying it. Good marriages share the load - and good women put up with guys like you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said as usual. That guy never gives his name - the chicken! My sons both share the load with their wives because I taught them to while being a part-time working Mom. Thanks, Sandie Thomas

August 24, 2006 10:32 AM  

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