August 9, 2006

Get Well Soon

I swear that cats can spell.

JoJo has been on drugs for an infection the past week. We have had to actually drive to the vet every single night so they can give her the pill, because nobody in the house can get it into her. I have given every imaginable medication to a million different cats, but this one beats me. Her head spins around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, she froths at the mouth and pees all over me. Nice.

At the vets, she is terrified and cowering. They just prise open her jaw and jam it in. By the time we get home, she's totally forgotten about it.

Unfortunately, she has been leaving little puddles here and there. If you get up at night, you walk through the house like it's a Cambodian mine field. Yesterday I finally flipped out and screamed that if she didn't quit, I was having her put d-o-w-n. She started crying.

There is a method to my nastiness. After the first several hundred dollars, I realized I couldn't keep spending her back to health. If she had some degenerative problem, it would not only cost me a thousand bucks to find out, it would keep coming back. I am a realist. My children think I am Hannibal Lecter.

I woke up this morning. No puddles. Coincidence? I think not.


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