August 15, 2006

Me & Boy George

Every romantic movie worth its popcorn has a scene where a lovely young thing is told by her I-only-have-eyes-for-you-lov-ah to 'pack a bag, get in the car, I won't tell you where we're going until we get there'.

In real life, I have known of this happening exactly once.

I've often wondered how I would cope if told to pack - NOW! - and get going. Would I have the right clothing? Would I have enough impossibly romantic outfits to match such an impossibly romantic gesture?

Doubt it.

So, what's got me musing on wardrobe particulars so early in the morning? This picture of Boy George, believe it or not. He's been sentenced to garbage duty in NYC. I think it was for drugs or something, I mean, it's Boy George, who cares?

I stopped short when I flipped past the photo. He's known for ages that this would be his punishment. Yet even with all this beforehand knowledge, he manages to come up with the stupidest, most inappropriate pair of pants I've ever seen. I think I owned a pair something like these when I was 10. But I was a girl. And I was 10.

He has on these gaucho things that stop short 8 inches from his ankle. He has on goofy little running shoes, though if this guy has run a block in his life I'll pay you money. Boy George is not a historically attractive guy. He capitalized nicely on his oddity, in a way that was more about saying to his father 'you shouldn't have been so worried what all the neighbours would think - now look what I've gone and done!.

So, here is this largish, quite regular guy sweeping up garbage, in guachos. This is the most appropriate thing he had in his wardrobe. In the midst of my snickering, a small, sad thought crept into my head.

If told to pack my bag for a surprise romantic weekend 'somewhere hot', I would be running around borrowing things.

If told to get dressed for pitching garbage off a city street in the morning, I would have a large selection of appropriate ensembles.

Boy George is cooler than me. I'm going to go cry now.


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