August 29, 2006

Odds & Sods

I killed JonBenet. Well, as certainly as that other freak did, anyway. I figure it would be nice to have a free flight to Denver with shrimp and Champagne. Even though I don't like Champagne. But it would take the edge off a dull day, all that activity.

When his ex-wife instantly came forward and said Karr didn't do it, they should have listened. Wives know everything. And ex-wives will tell.

Moving right along...go to the link on Slate today. It features a new Ford commercial - I have no clue if it'll be running in Canada or not - and play the clip. It's the standard Mom and Dad and the kids in a Ford minivan, but the kicker is that Dad is really Divorced Dad and gets turfed out of the seat at the end to go live with all the other Divorced Daddies.

Aw, come on, Ford. We see enough of this crap in our real lives. I don't need to be reminded of this sad-sack reality in your ads. I mean, really, Mom even got to keep the damned dog. This ad says nothing, and adds nothing, to our culture. Maybe Dad was boffing his secretary. Maybe Mom was a hermaphrodite. Maybe it's none of our business. You want to make a movie, make a movie. You want to make a social commentary, make one. I suggest you just stick to making minivans.

On another note, I hate awards shows. I think they're boring. I think caring about a bunch of frothy dresses is stupid. My favourite moment was recently when some awards show (Oscars? Emmys?) won an award in a category of Special Shows. Argh.

So, Bush is heading down to New Orleans to celebrate the first anniversary of botching things up. Well, one of the anniversaries. So many choices... It'd be nice to see a normal person call him out on his administrations' criminal behaviour - but you know that'll never happen. He's the equivalant of a prisoner kept in solitary because the other inmates might kill him.

I read this article from Macleans in the dentists' office yesterday about the horrific problem of finding a nanny. Snerk. I'm not a total idiot - one of my closest friends lived through nanny horror stories for years, and I was right there with her. What I will never understand (read some of the comments about what these women actually think about the women they are leaving their children with) is that nannydom, or childcare, is not the time to be looking for someone who earns $1.15 an hour.

People will pay a thousand bucks for a purse or a hundred dollars for a manicure, but when it comes to someone their children are going to spend most of their waking hours with, then they decide to go bargain hunting? I want my kids safe, happy and engaged. I want them to split their time between me, their teachers and people that echo my values and create opportunities. I don't care whether they're teens or toddlers - it's all the same. A bored caregiver is poison to a curious, energetic, malleable kid. Consider the cost of your bargain.

There. Back to work. Enough crabbing.


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