August 16, 2006

On Being Still

"We are none of us heroes for long."

What a great line, from the piece linked below.

I've plugged Garrison Keillor into this space before. I like the way he writes. Usually. There are days he's just phoning it in, but there are days all of us do that. When he's on, he's on.

I was nibbling away yesterday at the last vestiges of summer in The Motherlode (see the home page), and Garrison is taking a poke at a similar theme here, today in Salon.

The appeal for me, of Keillor, is that he is a man who very much knows his place in the world. Even as he speaks of not knowing it, he is acutely aware that if you pluck just the right string, you can find the same note in everyone. Disparate backgrounds, different cultures, varied truths - inside all of us beats a heart that can soar, a heart that can be broken.

As a writer, I don't want to make you understand something I'm feeling as much as I want you to recognize within yourself something I'm writing about. Make any sense?

Most of us work in environments where Important People, or maybe you personally, run around yelling about people needing to see the Big Picture. I talk a great deal about global issues; we want our weather promised in long-range forecasts; extended warranties comfort us.

But in the midst of being responsible, of doing the right thing, of thinking ahead and looking before you leap, sometimes you just have to pause. Pause and appreciate that in this very moment lives everything you need. There are times when speaking in a whisper makes more people listen to you, because they must be still and concentrate. They must want to listen.

And perhaps if they are choosing to listen, they might just hear what you have to say.


Blogger Rainypete said...

We all need to stop and listen more. While we scuttlea bout chasing what we think is important, some of the best moments of life are put off until later. It is a little known scientific fact that the half-life of those moments is such that they will expire long before you ever get a chance to revisit them. Pause and enjoy the life that goes on around you and you might be surrised what unfolds.

August 17, 2006 8:29 AM  

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