August 24, 2006

Power Shift

Today's Power Shift promises an accident check list. Click on this link to take you to a PDF file you can open and print out.

I recommend making two copies, and filling out your own information on the top part of one. This is to hand to the other driver in the event you're in an accident. It'll save you messing around with additional papers and numbers at a stressful time. Keep both papers in an envelope in your glove box.

This is a link to my webgod Jeff's recent scary brush. He sent me this picture after his accident - what can I say. Listen to crash test results, and decide for yourself if Hondas are worth a little extra dough. He walked away.

A word to the wise, in the event you have an accident. Shut your mouth. Don't assess or accept blame, just, shut up. The police and insurance will have plenty to do and say - don't complicate their jobs, especially at the scene of the accident. If you don't say anything, you can't regret anything you said.


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